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The Honorary Consul of Monaco in Saint Petersburg:

42, Angliiskaya naberezhnaya, St. Petersburg, 190000

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Russia-Monaco Relations

Russian Consular offices existed in Monaco till 1917. In the 19th century Russia, having settled down on Cote dAzur, also showed interest in Monaco. During the reign of Prince Charles III (1856-1889) Russia and Monaco signed treaties and agreements of extradition of criminals, of mutual legal assistance, on recognition of civil status of natural persons and of medical aid. They were annexed and extended during the reign of Prince Albert I. Russian Emperor Alexander II was the first monarch to be awarded the Order of St. Charles established in Monaco in 1858. But after 1917 the relations were suspended.

Before Monaco independently appeared on the world arena and entered the UN in 1993, an establishment of official relations with the USSR and later with the Russian Federation had not been an urgent question. Russia and Monaco maintained contacts through the Embassy of the USSR, later of the Russian Federation, in France, the Embassy of Monaco in Paris and the Embassy of France in Moscow (mainly to realize agreements within the framework of CSCE-OSCE and other international organizations). In July, 1996 the Russian Federation and the Principality of Monaco established official intercourse at the consular level. The Consular General of the Russian Federation in Marseille is delegated to represent Russias interests in Monaco. In 1998 a post of Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation was established in Monaco (at present the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Monaco is professor K. Pallanca). In 2002 a post of Honorary Consul of Monaco was established in St. Petersburg (at present it is N. V. Orlov, the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Naval Assembly).

After the official intercourse was established, bilateral Russia-Monaco political relations go on developing. The Consul General of the Russian Federation in Marseille met with the Prince Rainier III (1923-2005) and now meets regularly with the ruling Prince Albert. Continual contacts are maintained with the Minister of State (the head of the government), Government Counsellor for the Interior, Government Counsellor for Finance and the Economy, Government Counsellor for External Relations, Director of Legal Services and others. Confidential relations were established with local politicians and the members of the Parliament. Annually the congratulations on behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation are conveyed to the ruling Prince in the Monegasque National Day.

The Princely Family and the members of the Government are in favour of developing the relations with Russia. As a result, Prince Albert visited Russia. His Serene Highness Prince Albert was the host of the Russian Government from July 9th to 11th, 2001, before taking part in the 112th session of the International Olympic Committee held in Moscow from July 12th to 16th. The Prince was made Honorary Member of the Naval Assembly in Saint Petersburg. He was then received in Moscow by Mr. Mikhail Kassianov, President of the Government of the Russian Federation and was his host over lunch. His Highness also met Mr. Ivan Sergeev, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the Ministry of Economic Development. The latter reaffirmed the support of Russia towards the adhesion of Monaco at the European Council. A joint declaration on cultural exchanges was signed at the Ministry of Culture. The Prince made a speech in front of the members of the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the State's Duma. He pointed out the actions undertaken by the Principality towards the international authorities before drawing the attention of the Russian deputies sitting at the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council on the importance of their support to the Principality at the time of the decisive vote concerning its admission at the European Council. Dimitri Rogosin, President of this Commission confirmed the support of the Russian deputies. During his stay Crown Prince Albert also visited the "City of Stars", training center for astronauts and the Red Square.

Prince Albert and the members of the Princely Family admit that after the Prince Alberts official visit to Russia, the relations between our countries have entered a new phase.

In April, 2002 for establishing Russia-Monaco inter-parliamentary relations a delegation of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the State Duma headed by D. O. Rogozin visited the Principality, at the invitation of the President of the National Council (the Parliament of Monaco).

In the sphere of Russia-Monaco trade and economic relations the main emphasis is laid on the encouragement of informal contacts between business communities of Russia and Monaco. The trade turnover is only 1 million euro. The staple Russian exports to Monaco: products of food industry, optical instruments and devices, clocks and watches. The staple Monegasque exports to Russia: products of food industry and clothing industry, automobile industry and perfumery. There are 4 enterprises with Russian participation on the territory of Monaco.

Russia-Monaco contacts are successfully developing in the sphere of law-enforcement bodies. All-round assistance within the framework of international investigatory assignment was provided to Yu. N. Kuritsin, the investigator of cases of special importance of the General Procurators office of the Russian Federation, who visited Monaco in October, 2001. In April, 2001 A.P. Mikhalenko, Deputy Head of the Main Administration on Struggle against Economic Crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, held meetings with the representatives of the Monegasque authorities. During these meetings the questions of cooperation in the struggle against legalization of incomes earned by illegal means, including the possibility of signing an agreement between our countries were discussed.

Russian official delegations take an active part in numerous forums, conferences, symposiums, that take place in Monaco. In November, 1999 the former Chairman of the Russian Government V.S. Chernomyrdin took part in a prestigious Crans Montana Forum. He spoke to the Prince Albert and M. Leveque, Minister of State. In 2000 and 2001 A.P. Mikhalenko, Deputy Head of the Main Administration on Struggle against Economic Crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and V.A. Vdovin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federal Property Fund, took part in the forum.

Russia and Monaco have long-term relations in the sphere of culture. During two seasons F. Shalyapin sang in Monte Carlo. P.I. Chaikovsky attended the first performance of an opera. From 1911 to 1929 S. Dyagilevs troupe Russian ballet appeared on the stage there. A.P. Chekhov, A.I. Kuprin, V.V. Mayakovsky stayed in Monte Carlo. In 1932 a Russian ballet was founded in Monte Carlo. It was headed by Rene Blum and colonel Vasily de Basil, the choreographers were Balanchin and Massin. S. Dyagilevs bust is on a terrace, behind a casino. On December 19, 1986 a premier of N. Rimsky-Korsakovs opera The Tsars Bride directed by G. Vishnevskaya and M. Rostropovich took place in Monaco. In February, 1989 Monegasque ballet toured in Moscow, Leningrad and Vilnius.

Russian cultural presence in Monaco started to increase essentially after 1991. The ballet troupes of the Bolshoy and Mariinsky Theatres, of the Imperial Russian Ballet under the direction of M. Plisetskaya, the Red Army Choir and Dance Ensemble under the direction of D. Somov, Dance Ensemble under the direction of I. Moiseev and other creative collectives toured in the Principality. Annually Russian circus collectives take part in the prestigious international circus festivals in Monte Carlo. In 1995 the week of Dyagilevs creation took place there. In the summer of 1996 violinist B. Belkin and pianist I. Plotnikova successfully performed in Monaco on the festival that takes place in the Princes Palace. In 1999 an exhibition of Russian painter G. Shishkin took place in Monaco; the orchestra of the Kirovsky Theatre under the direction of V. Gergiev toured in Monaco. In 2000 there were an exhibition of Russian icons, a show of young Russian dress designers and a concert of violinist V. Repin in the Principality. In February, 2001 there were gymnastic demonstrations of Russian sportsmen in the Principality. Russian circus troupes regularly perform in Monaco.
During the preparations of the Prince Alberts visit to Russia in May, 2001 M.E. Shvidkoi, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, met with R. Rokki, Head of the Department for Cultural Relations. During the meeting the questions of cultural cooperation between Russia and Monaco were discussed. According to the joint statement on cultural cooperation, the representatives of the Monegasque administration support the idea of increasing cultural exchanges between Russia and Monaco. In particular, they take a stand for the organization of an exhibition from the treasuries of the Hermitage.

In sign of respect for Russia Societe des Bains de Mer (Society of Sea Bathing) celebrates Orthodox Christmas.

In September, 1997 Russian sailing vessel Sedov participated in the international Sea week dedicated to the 700 year reign of the Grimaldi dynasty. Prince Albert visited the reception on board of the vessel. In March, 2000 a Russian representative delegation took part in the Second Extraordinary International Hydrographic Conference. Hydrographic Russian vessel Sibiryakov stood in the port of Monaco. On behalf of the Consul General and Admiral A.S. Komaritsin there was a joint reception on board of the vessel where there were the members of the Government, politicians and businessmen of Monaco.

The activity of the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Monaco K. Pallanca deserves to be estimated. He works under the direction of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Marseille. He cooperates with the Russian official delegations, promotes cultural exchange between Russia and Monaco, defends the rights and interests of Russian citizens in Monaco and he is also engaged in consulate issues. K. Pallanca took an active part in the preparation of the Prince Alberts visit to Russia. He visited Saint Petersburg and Moscow, with the members of the Monegasque delegation.

While presidential elections in Russia in May, 2000, there were polling places in the Honorary Consulate and on board of the hydrographic vessel Sibiryakov.

Last years the number of Russian citizens that visit Monaco with business and tourist purposes has increased. With a residence permit received, 46 Russians have settled down in the Principality.